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ASH After getting sucked into a rift in time, Ash falls from the sky and lands in medieval England around 1300 AD. He gets captured by Lord Arthur and is taken to the castle of Kandar.
ARTHUR Lord Arthur rules the castle of Kandar. Arthur does not believe that Ash is the promised one, as told of in the Necronomicon. He takes Ash prisoner along with his enemy, Duke Henry the Red. After Ash proves that he is a worthy fighter against the rising evil, they band together to defeat their common enemy.
WISEMAN The Wiseman is the only one who believes that Ash is the promised one.
He saves Ash's life by giving him his chain saw back when he is fighting in the pit. He sends Ash on the quest for the Necronomicon, telling him that it will get rid of the evil and have the power to send him back to his own time.
SHEILA Sheila, a resident of Arthur's court, blames Ash for the death of her brother, believing him to be one of Henry's men. She later realizes that was a mistake. When Ash returns with the book, she is kidnapped by a winged Deadite and becomes possessed at the hands of the Evil Ash.
HENRY Duke Henry the Red is an enemy of Lord Arthur, despite the evil that surrounds them. He is captured along with Ash, and both of them have a one way ticket to Arthur's pit. When Ash escapes the pit, he frees Henry. Grateful for this, Henry and his army return to help Ash and Arthur defeat the Deadites.
GOLDTOOTH Gold Tooth is one of Arthur's men, who escorts Henry's men and Ash to the castle while taunting them about their fate in the pit. Ash later puts him in his place once he escapes. However, he later joins Ash in the battle against the Deadites, proving himself to be a crack shot with exploding arrows.
BLACKSMITH The Blacksmith is one of Arthur's men, who first sees Ash as he is being taken to the pit. He is recruited by Ash along with more of Arthur's men to help fight the Deadites. He also assists Ash with the construction of the Death Coaster vehicle.